Hungry preschoolers in Cambodia get a healthy meal. 

In poor places, too many children come to school or preschool without having had breakfast. And sometimes, lunch or dinner is uncertain too. 

That’s why the food Holt sponsors and donors provide for children at school is so important! 

At one Holt-supported preschool in Cambodia, children get a nutritious lunch every day. They’re all smiles because this food is a certainty they can count on! 

Not only does this food fill their little tummies, but it gives them the energy and focus they need to learn — to build the essential foundation that will serve them throughout their years of school. 

Thank you to Holt sponsors and donors for providing preschoolers in Cambodia, and so many other little students around the world, with food for little tummies that they need to learn. 

Give Free School Lunch to a Hungry Child

So many children arrive at school without having eaten breakfast. Hunger pains keep them from learning in school. But just $30 provides school lunch to one child for one month!

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