Encuentro Videos: Older Kids in Colombia Meet Their Adoptive Families

The moment a child meets their adoptive family for the first time is full of anticipation, joy and even some nervousness. While it’s not always a fairytale moment, for older children it’s the moment that their years of waiting have built up to — when their dreams of having a family finally come true. Our partner agency in Colombia films each meeting, or “encuentro,” between adoptive families and adoptees — a forever keepsake to remember a very special day.

The following encuentro videos were shared with us by adoptive families and children.

With a bouquet in-hand to give to his mother, Brayan walks down the long staircase to meet his family.

Carlos (17) and Emanuel (14) were filled with anticipation to meet their adoptive family, which includes two little sisters!

smiling older brother with arms around smiling younger sister in a park

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Many children in Colombia are waiting for a loving, permanent family.

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