Many children love to send handwritten letters and drawings to their Holt sponsors. See what Ada Belle,
Vaijnath and Erdene lovingly made and sent to their sponsors in the U.S.

Ada Belle - a child in Holt's child sponsorship program - holding up a birthday card and gift

Ada Belle • 5 Years Old • Philippines

Ada Belle lives with her mother, father and grandparents in Quezon City. She attends a free preschool through Holt’s long-time partner in the Philippines, Kaisahang Buhay Foundation (KBF). At school, Ada Belle is building skills and growing in her self-confidence. Her father drives a tuk-tuk for a living, and her parents receive additional financial support through a sponsor-supported income-generating project. They also attend parenting classes through KBF. Ada Belle is a lovely child and is doing very well in preschool — she can identify numbers 1 through 10 and knows the whole alphabet! She loves eating fruits and vegetables, sculpting people out of clay, dancing and running. With the support of her Holt sponsors, this sweet girl is happy, healthy and has the strong, early foundation she needs to thrive.

Photo of Vaijnath - a child in Holt's child sponsorship programVaijnath • 14 Years Old • India

With the support he receives from his Holt sponsors, caseworker and parents, Vaijnath is growing up to be a wonderful young man. His parents sell vegetables in the market, but this income usually isn’t enough to pay Vaijnath’s school fees. The added educational support that Vaijnath receives through our local partner, Bharatiya Semaj Seva Kendra (BSSK), is a huge help to his family and ensures that he gets the education he needs and deserves. Vaijnath especially looks up to his father, and with the encouragement of BSSK staff, his father has re-arranged his busy schedule to include more quality time with his son. Vaijnath loves playing outside, especially cricket and Kho-Kho — a popular tag-like game. He is also a wonderful artist!

A piece of artwork by Vaijnath, a child in Holt's child sponsorship program

Erdene* • 13 Years Old • Mongolia

Friendly, chatty and sweet, Erdene is cherished by everyone who knows her. She lives with her mother and four siblings, and is always quick to help her mother with cooking and caring for her younger sister. Erdene has lots of friends who attend the same school and church and, like most 13-year-old girls, they spend lots of time talking about “everything!” Erdene also loves to read and about three times a week she goes to the new Holt library with her friends. Because of her sponsors, Erdene has the resources she needs to thrive in school and has a wonderful community of friends and mentors to support her as she grows up.

Photo of Erdene, a child in Holt's child sponsorship program

A photo of a letter written by Erdene

Letter Translation

Dear Sponsor,

My test results of Mongolian language, Mongolian script, literature
and math were good. I love reading books and during my one week of school break I read books. At the church I was selected for choir, singing “Praise the Lord.” The church will also teach dance. When I grow up, I want to become a policewoman. I want to try hard in my physical exercise lesson. But I’ll also do my best in other subjects. I thank you
for your love and support.


*Name changed to comply with Mongolia’s confidentiality requirements

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