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When you participate in our program for child sponsorship in India, you help change the lives of children in need — children like Rudraksha in India! *Photo changed to protect privacy.

In January, a sweet little baby named Rudraksha was born in India. After his birth, his mother was unable to care for him and she decided that she wanted him to have a stable and secure home. Today, Rudraksha lives in our partner care center — receiving the proper medical care, food and love he needs to grow and thrive!

india child sponsorship photo of baby footprints

At our partner center in India, babies like Rudraksha receive nuturing, 24-hour care. With the help of sponsors, our partner is able to maintain a low ratio of caregivers to children to ensure children like Rudraksha are well-cared for and loved. Your generosity also helps our partner expand programs, like on-site school and therapy programs so children like Rudraksha can learn and thrive while they wait for a loving and secure family.

When Rudraksha grows older, he will be able to write letters and draw pictures to send as thanks to his sponsor. But while he’s so little, our overseas partners are getting creative — sending special mementos, like the footprints here!

Through your monthly child sponsorship in India or another country where we work, you provide everything children like Rudraksha need to grow and thrive while they wait to rejoin their birth families or join a family through adoption. Thank you for everything you do for children in need around the world!

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