Thank You for Helping Duy Grow and Thrive!

duy eating food thank you for helping duy grow and thrive

Duy was suffering from malnutrition and needed help. But thanks to generous donors like you, Duy can grow and thrive!

Before, Duy and his older sister were left at an orphanage in Vietnam when their mother couldn’t afford to feed them anymore. He was sick with a chronically upset stomach, swollen legs, a constant stuffy nose and ear infections.

And it was all rooted in one thing: malnutrition.

But because he’s in an orphanage that you help support, he received the help he needed!

First, he had a blood test, and was measured and weighed. The results showed that not only was Duy malnourished, but he was stunted — his weight and height were much too small for his age.

The orphanage started giving him a special malnutrition formula, iron and vitamin C supplements, and followed a personal nutrition plan made for him by a nutritionist. They remeasured Duy every three months. And every three months he showed improvement.

Today, after three years of intensive care and his special diet, Duy is so much better! Thank you for helping Duy grow and thrive!

He’s caught up a lot in both height and weight and his digestive issues are gone! He even has the energy to run and play with other children. Someday, Holt staff hope to reunify Duy and his sister with their mother. But until then, he’ll keep growing stronger.

“He has a better appetite and his favorite dish is boiled pork and veggies,” says Duy’s primary caregiver.“

And it’s all because of your generosity — generosity that feeds hungry children and invests in them for the long-haul.

Want to help provide a filling and delicious lunch for a child like Duy in another country? Just $25 provides a school lunch to one child for a whole month.

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