We Are Grateful for You

One of our partners at an orphanage in the Philippines shares a thank you to Holt sponsors and donors.

“The Mini Social Distancing Holiday party, made possible by a gift from the Holt Sponsors of ten of the children, was the start of a blessing for 2021.

We all looked back at the year 2020 and how the pandemic affected the whole nation. As we reflect on what happened last year, we cannot express how much we are grateful to God for everything that He has provided us. Amidst the crisis, we never run out of diapers, milk, food and vitamins for the children, thanks to our Holt sponsors. God has faithfully blessed us.”

You can help provide urgently-needed supplies like milk, food and diapers to children in orphanages! Your gift of just $25 will provide one baby in an orphanage with enough formula and diapers for a whole week.

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