A Place for Sponsored Children to Grow in Thailand

Tha Sala Learning Center in southern Thailand is a place for sponsored children and families to grow. This story originally appeared in  Holt’s spring 2018 sponsorship magazine

Walking through the gates of Tha Sala Learning Center is like stepping into a greenhouse with no walls.

The warm, thick air smells wonderfully of earthy soil and sweet flowering plants. Black-and-white spotted butterflies flutter through it — catching your eye as you walk, dodging around long-hanging vines and shady fruit trees. But plants aren’t all that grow here.

Tha Sala Learning Center in southern Thailand is a place for children and families to grow. This three-and-a-half-acre property is a shared community garden, summer camp and community center all rolled into one. In this impoverished rural community where so many families subsist on instant noodles and pre-packaged food rather than fresh fruits and vegetables, the learning center is a place where Holt-sponsored children and their families learn to cultivate and cook healthy food, work together to accomplish tasks and be part of a vibrant, healthy community.

On this particular Saturday in May, 21 Holt-sponsored children and their mothers have volunteered to do gardening work at the center — with lots of life lessons, learning and fun hidden within each task.

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