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Alexander Needs an Adoptive Family!

Seven-year-old Alexander is social and outgoing! He is waiting for a loving adoptive family.

He engages everyone around him with his infectious smile and he loves to sing and play sports like badminton and soccer. In his down time, he also likes to read and do puzzles.

At school, Alexander’s favorite subject is science and he enjoys working on science experiments. He loves to spend time with his friends at school. His teachers note that he is very polite and respectful.

Alexander is an expressive child capable of voicing his thoughts, needs and feelings to trusted adults. He takes medication for ADHD and thrives under structure and loving guidance. Holt staff who have met Alexander say that he presents as a bright child who is capable of learning and transitioning with relative ease. He is in good overall health and small for his age.

The best fit for Alexander is a family that has access to strong academic and therapeutic resources. Additionally, they must understand or be willing to learn about older child adoption and the use of connected parenting strategies.

Could you or someone you know be the right family for Alexander?

Alexander’s face is obscured here due to country restrictions on privacy. To see photos and videos of Alexander and learn more about him, please contact our adoption coordinators at [email protected].

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