We Can Help This Child…

One adoptive mom shares how the loss of their son moved her and her husband to sponsor a child in his honor. 

Celebrating Greg's first birthday!
“We are so thankful for the wonderful gift we had in Greg for 28 years,” his mom, Gail, says.

We adopted our daughter, Amanda, from Korea in 1987, through Holt. We adopted our son, Gregory, from Korea, through Holt in 1991. Both of our children have brought joy and love to everyone they’ve met.

Amanda, now 33, is a special education teacher in South Carolina. Greg went into law enforcement. He was killed on March 11, 2018, while riding his motorcycle home to get ready for work. A driver pulled out of a side street, hitting and killing Greg.

Our lives were shattered.

Greg was one of those people who made friends everywhere he went. We didn’t know the extent or reach of his friendship until his death. We heard from people we had never met who told us how Greg had befriended them and saved their lives when they were at a low place. He never told us any of this. He helped people financially, which we never knew about.

Greg (left) with his dad, mom and sister in a photo taken two years ago. 
Greg (left) with his dad, mom and sister in a photo taken two years ago.

I was always worried that he didn’t seem to have much money, even though he earned a modest amount. It turned out he was helping several families financially, people we had never heard of. That’s just the type of person he was.

He did tell me about the times he would buy a meal for homeless men. He told me he wouldn’t give them money, because he knew they’d use it to buy drugs or liquor, so he would buy them a meal. We can never replace Greg, however, I hope by sponsoring a boy, born on the same day, July 29th, we can help this child reach the goals he wants to in his life, like Greg.

Gail McCann | Holt Adoptive Mom & Child Sponsor

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  1. My deepest condolences on the loss of your son. It sounds like you raised an extremely fine man.

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