Luli’s Heart is Healed, Because of You

This year, Holt’s generous donors raised over $159,360 for the Molly Holt Fund for Children With Special Needs! And because $40,000 was doubled by a generous match, a total of $199,368 will go toward  lifesaving surgeries, specialized treatment and nurturing care for children with medical or developmental needs.

One child who already received surgery is Luli, who we featured in our campaign this year. Because of you, Luli was able to stay at Peace House, Holt’s medical foster home in China, while receiving heart surgery in Beijing. When she arrived, 5-month-old Luli weighed just 5 pounds. She often choked on her milk and cried and breathed rapidly.

After several weeks of round-the-clock, nurturing care to help her gain weight and grow strong, Luli went to the hospital for heart surgery — which was a success! She then returned to Peace House to recover in a warm safe environment, in the care of medically trained caregivers, for the next two months.

“Every day the caregivers looked after her carefully and nursed her scientifically,” our staff in China writes. “[Luli] gained weight and became active. She will smile when talking with her. She can hold a toy on her own for some time.”


Today, because of your kindness and generosity, Luli is healthy and strong, her heart has healed, and she has safely returned to her orphanage while waiting to be matched with a permanent, loving family.

Thank you for your generous and compassionate gift to help Luli and children like her receive the lifesaving surgeries and specialized care they need. Without you, these children would not receive the vital medical and rehabilitative care they need to grow strong and healthy, and one day join a family.

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