Every Child With Special Needs Should Be Loved and Cared For!

Around the world, children with special needs are much more likely to end up alone, abused, or facing a lifetime of pain.

Maybe they have Clubfoot. Maybe they were born with a treatable condition like HIV. Maybe they have Down syndrome.

But every day, children with special needs face horrible mistreatment. These precious children are less likely to be adopted. They are hidden away in isolation instead of welcomed into schools. They are sent to institutions instead of homes.

Molly Holt, daughter of our founders Harry and Bertha Holt, has devoted her entire life to kids with special needs — giving them the lifesaving and life-changing medical care they need and welcoming them with open arms as Jesus does.

But it is only because of kind and generous people like you that her life’s work continues — changing the perception that children with special needs are worth less than any other child.

Every child deserves to have a mom and a dad to love them unconditionally, to attend a school where they feel welcomed and accepted, to see a doctor and live without constant pain, to have a home where they are cherished throughout their life.

With your gift today to the Molly Holt Fund for Children with Special Needs, you will give a child all of this and more.

Your gift today will help provide:

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Medical care, nourishing food and lifesaving surgeries.

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Special education, tutoring, scholarships and specialized supplies.

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For kids in orphanage care, a skilled and devoted caregiver.

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A safe and loving family — whether their birth family or an adoptive family.


Your Heart Can Fix My Heart

Jiang's picture says all it needs to say, doesn't it? This is a boy who has just started his life. His eyes should look out at the world with wonder and curiosity. But Jiang's gaze is more serious — skeptical, even. Barely born, Jiang was left by his family on a street corner in China. They left no note.

Your Heart Can Fix My Heart

Jiang’s picture says it all, doesn’t it?

This is a boy who has just started his life. A boy whose eyes should look out at the world with wonder and curiosity. But Jiang’s gaze is more serious — skeptical, even.

It’s heartbreaking to look into this one-year-old boy’s eyes and realize that his expression is a reflection of how the world sees him — disfigured, disabled, and to some, unlovable.

Barely born, Jiang was left by his family on a street corner in China. They left no note.

But, since he came into care at Peace House, Holt’s medical group home in Beijing, he has opened himself up so much to the love and devotion of his caregivers.

But without you, Jiang would still be in an orphanage — and with the severity of his heart condition and cleft lip and palate, he may not be here today.

Jiang is still too weak for surgery, and he will require months and months of 24/7 care before he can go home to a family. But, when he’s strong enough, you can make sure Jiang receives the surgeries he needs from one of the best doctors in Beijing! His loving caregiver will be by his side the whole time.

This level of care is only available to Jiang because people like you believe in children with special needs enough to give to the Molly Holt Fund.

We may never know exactly why Jiang was left on a street corner. But because you cared at a time when no one else did, Jiang will get all the medical care, advocacy and family love he needs! He will defy the odds.

So many children are not so lucky — like children who are deaf in Ethiopia or developmentally delayed in India or children waiting for a chance to go to school in Vietnam or growing up at Ilsan in Korea.

These sweet children still need someone to fight for them.

Can you be that hero?

How Did The Molly Holt Fund Begin?

When looking for a way to honor Harry and Bertha Holt’s daughter, Molly, we immediately thought of the cause closest to her heart — the cause to which she has devoted her life. For nearly 60 years, Molly Holt has worked tirelessly to advocate for children with mental and physical disabilities. She has shown that every child can love, and be loved, and be part of a family. Today, Molly remains in South Korea, caring for the children and adult residents at Ilsan Center.

In the years since developing a fund in Molly’s name, donors have provided lifesaving and life-changing medical care, love, safety and educational assistance to some of the world’s most vulnerable children — including abandoned children with HIV in China, deaf children who had been hidden away in Ethiopia and children waiting for surgeries in Korea.

But there are still so many children with special needs waiting for a hero like you.

Molly Holt Cared for a special needs child

Your Generous Gift to the Molly Holt Fund Will Transform a Child's Life ...

These children and many others received the vital care they needed because a kind and compassionate donor gave a gift to the Molly Holt Fund.



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