Baxter needs a family. He is sitting here by a pool.

Baxter Needs a Family!

This is Baxter! He is 5 years old. Baxter needs a family that can provide loving, focused attention and access to therapeutic resources. Could you or someone you know be the right family for Baxter?

Baxter is described as a friendly child who enjoys interacting with other children and is said to have a close bond with his caregiver.

Baxter has been diagnosed with multiple special needs, including epilepsy and cerebral palsy. He is described by medical professionals as having mild developmental delays, but he is making great progress. Baxter can also now speak in sentences, stand and walk independently, sing the national anthem, rhyme, pretend play and build with blocks!

If you think you or someone you know could be the right family for Baxter, please email our waiting child team at [email protected]! Baxter’s face is covered here due to country restrictions on privacy. However, we do have more photos and videos available to share with prospective families.

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