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An Act of Incredible Strength and Love

Alison and Rob share about their adoption experience with Holt International and how their daughter, Zoe, joined their family.

newborn baby wrapped in blanket wearing hat

We dealt with infertility for quite a while and after much consideration we decided we wanted to go the route of domestic adoption. We definitely did our homework and met with three adoption agencies before deciding to go with Holt International. We immediately felt that Holt was the best fit for us. Everyone was so welcoming and nice. It had a small family feel and we felt like we were more than just a “number,” which was different from some of the other agencies we visited.

After we attended our first orientation meeting, completed all of our required classes, home study and went online with our profile, we received the exciting call that our profile was seen by an expectant mother and she wanted to meet us right away. We met with the expectant mother at Holt and Nancy, our adoption counselor, was there with us the whole time. It was wonderful to have a warm face in the room to help facilitate the initial meeting as we got to know the expectant mother. Within an hour of leaving the initial meeting, we got the call that she wanted us to be her child’s adoptive parents. We were beyond thrilled! We spent the next four months before our daughter was born, going with the expectant mom to her doctor’s appointments and getting to know her better.

young baby wrapped in yellow towel with blue eyes

All we can say is that it takes incredible strength and love from each and every expectant mother and father to make an adoption plan for their child. It’s the most selfless act I can think of. The sacrifice she made for herself has completed our family and there are not enough words to say thank you! We are so blessed to have our little girl. She’s an absolute miracle and definitely a dream come true for us.

We thank God every day that Zoe is our daughter and we appreciate Holt for all they did to help us with our dream. Our experience with Holt was amazing!

Rob and Allison | Adoptive Parents

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