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began in 2007

In 2019, Holt sponsors and donors provided critical assistance to 121,585 children and families in Ethiopia.

The second most populous nation in Africa, Ethiopia also has the fastest growing economy in the region. It is also, however, one of the poorest countries in Africa, with a third of the population still living in poverty. The vast majority of Ethiopians live in rural areas and work as subsistence farmers, with little opportunity to pursue goals beyond meeting their family’s basic needs. Small-holder farmers are especially vulnerable to the country’s pattern of frequent drought, which has in the past brought severe famine to millions of people. In the 1980s and 90s, Ethiopia was also severely affected by the HIV epidemic, causing hundreds of thousands of children to lose their parents. Today, Ethiopia still has roughly 4.5 million orphans and continues to face challenges in maternal mortality, nutrition and gender equality — with nearly twice as many out-of-school girls as boys. Together with you in Ethiopia, we strive to ensure every orphaned, homeless or vulnerable child — every boy and every girl — can grow and thrive and reach their full potential in life.

Provinces with Holt family strengthening programs

Provinces with Holt orphan care programs

Family Strengthening Programs

In three regions of Ethiopia — the town of Shashemene in the Oromia region, the capital city of Addis Ababa, and the rural southern region surrounding Shinshicho — sponsors and donors support hundreds of children living in extreme poverty with their families. By providing resources like start-up funds or livestock, donors empower vulnerable families to grow strong, stable and ultimately, self-reliant. And with limited access to education in rural areas, donors provide the means for hundreds of children to go to school, many of whom would never otherwise learn the skills they need to reach their potential — and one day, escape poverty.

Orphan Care Programs

With an estimated 4.5 million orphans, Ethiopia continually struggles to provide holistic, nurturing care for children living without permanent families. Through our partnership with a local orphanage, sponsors and donors provide this holistic care to a number of orphaned and homeless children — giving them everything they need to grow and thrive while they wait to join a loving family, including nutrition, education, medical care and the nurturing, one-on-one care of devoted caregivers.

A Message from
Tendai Masiriri,
Senior Executive, Caribbean, Africa, Latin America, Eastern Europe

Our program in Ethiopia is very strong. With a special focus on early childhood education, economic empowerment and community health, Holt Ethiopia donors are changing and saving lives. Many people in this region suffer from poverty, infectious diseases and a lack of opportunity and resources. But because of sponsors and donors, these families who would otherwise feel hopeless are infused with a sense of self control, self-determination, confidence and hope.

tendaim@holtinternational.org | 541.687.2202

Thoa Bui - Vice President of South and Southeast Asia

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