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In 2019, more than 48,960 children and families in China received critical assistance.

In China, poverty, lack of access to affordable medical care, rural-to-urban disparity and decreasing social welfare services put many children at risk. While China is currently the second largest economy after the U.S., wealth inequality is pervasive and millions of people continue to live in extreme poverty – a major cause of family disintegration. Working alongside the Chinese government and orphanages, Holt strives to ensure that every child who is growing up in hardship has the resources to thrive in their family and every orphaned child has the opportunity to join a permanent family through adoption.

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Family Strengthening Programs

While urban areas in China have developed rapidly over the past 20 years, rural poverty continues to threaten the health, safety and livelihood of some children and families. As education is critically important in Chinese society — but also costly —Holt’s family strengthening programs aim to identify the most vulnerable families and help create generational change by keeping children in school for as long as possible. Learn more about the key elements of Holt’s family strengthening programs in seven provinces.

Orphan Care Programs

Children with disabilities are especially vulnerable in China. They often face marginalization, stigma and are generally less valued than children without special needs. As state-run orphanages are often tasked with caring for hundreds of children — and have varying access to medical care, special education, adaptive equipment and therapies — all children growing up in institutions, but especially children with special needs, struggle to reach their full potential.


International Adoption

Read about the children waiting for families, eligibility, fees and more.

A Message from Jian Chen
Vice President of China Regional Programs

As a child in China, I learned a lot about the hardships of poverty. I learned how difficult it can be to escape the bonds of poverty without the opportunity to pursue a quality education, without the support of a loving family or the access to resources to help a child and family continue enduring in the face of hardship. Today, so many children in China still need hope, opportunity and support. Our programs in China help to meet individual children and family's needs, while also partnering with the Chinese Government to create systemic changes to the social welfare system. Today, orphans are better cared for than they were 10 years ago. More children in impoverished, rural communities are staying in school longer. Children with special needs are being matched with families every day, which is helping to change the perception of special needs in China. And, in 2015, Holt was selected to begin doing homestudies for families in China — helping to formalize domestic adoption in several provinces. If you would like to partner with Holt to make the world a brighter place for children, please contact us or explore the fundraising options below. — Jian Chen

alyciaf@holtinternational.org | 541.687.2202

Jian Chen - Vice President of China Programs

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