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The Need
Although China has the second largest economy after the U.S., some 150 million Chinese remain in extreme poverty - a major cause of child abandonment. In 1979, China also imposed a one-child-per-family policy designed to curb population growth. Facing fines and other consequences if they failed to comply, many impoverished families felt compelled to abandon children they could not support and that would not in time support the family. In China, parents traditionally rely on sons for retirement support. Consequently, parents primarily abandoned girls - or children with physical disabilities.

With China's recent easing of the one-child policy and overall improvement in living standards, fewer families are abandoning healthy female infants. Rather, more families are adopting healthy infants domestically. Unable to provide needed medical care, however, some poor families still feel compelled to abandon children born with disabilities. As a result, the children living in China's social welfare system are now primarily older, or have special medical or developmental needs. In some rural areas, children who have lost one or both parents - especially due to HIV/AIDs or drugs - are also at high risk of ending up homeless or institutionalized.

Our Work
In 1992, Holt facilitated its first international adoption from China to the United States. In the years since, Holt has become a leading agency in finding families for children from China, particularly children with special needs and older children. To date, Holt has placed more children with special needs than any other agency.

In the late 1990s, Holt also began allying with the government to develop model foster care programs - providing family-like alternatives for children in institutional care. In the ensuing years, Holt replicated this model for children throughout China.

Holt has pioneered in China to stabilize home environments for children at risk of separation from their families due to poverty, HIV and drugs. Through Holt's family preservation program, vulnerable children and families receive funding for basic living expenses, school fees and supplies, as well as nutritional supplements for HIV-positive children.

With central offices in Beijing, Holt China staff oversees a growing number of projects, including family preservation programs; short and long-term foster care and group homes; and multiple programs for older children and children with special needs.

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An expanded version of this document is available as a PDF. Click here.
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