abe needs an adoptive family playing in a tree

Abe Needs an Adoptive Family!

Six-year-old Abe needs a loving adoptive family! Could the right family for Abe be you or someone you know?

Abe needs an adoptive family! His caregivers say he is soft-spoken and calm. Abe is very well-mannered and known around is care center for his good behavior and happy disposition.

Abe plays well with children of all ages and is especially gentle with younger children. His caregivers say that he likes to take on the “big brother” role in his home.

Some of Abe’s favorite activities include gardening and singing songs he learned at school. At school, Abe’s teacher says he is friendly and an active learner. He loves to play outside, especially soccer! During downtime, Abe also enjoys reading, drawing and playing with construction cars and trucks. Sometimes, Abe is a little bit shy and enjoys time to play on his own.

Abe needs an adoptive family who is open to developmental unknowns in Abe’s future intellectual development, educational needs and behavioral health as they relate to trauma. The ideal family for Abe is loving, kind and patient. They should have access to excellent educational, therapeutic and medical supports and be knowledgeable about (or willing to learn about) Trust-Based Relational Intervention parenting methods.

Abe’s face is hidden here due to country restrictions on privacy. To see photos and videos of Abe and to learn more about him, please email us at [email protected].

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