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Thanks to Holt sponsors and donors, Tevy and other preschoolers aren’t hungry anymore.

Tevy is 5 years old and used to be hungry all the time. She and her siblings live with her grandmother because their parents moved far away to find a job. Tevy’s parents send money when they can – but it’s not enough to meet their children’s basic needs. 

But with the help of Holt sponsors and donors, now Tevy gets enough to eat with a preschool snack every day. 

For the past three years, she has attended a special Holt-supported preschool in her village in Cambodia. Every day, she gets a nutritious, filling snack. And this small change has made all the difference! 

Because of this regular, nutritious food, today Tevy is at a healthy weight. You can even see that her face has changed and she looks healthier! She doesn’t get sick as often, and she is concentrating and learning better in school. 

Holt Cambodia is also supporting Tevy’s grandma as she raises Tevy and her other grandchildren. They’ve taught her about proper hygiene, nutrition and the importance of keeping her grandchildren in school. 

Thank you to Holt sponsors and donors for giving Tevy and so many other preschoolers in Cambodia the nutrition they need to learn and grow! 

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