Holt donors exceeded our Giving Tuesday goal, giving scholarships to 472 girls! Meet just some of the girls you’re helping to send to school as a result.  

Around the world, and especially in India, so many girls don’t go to school. The reasons for this can be as simple as poverty, or as complex as gender discrimination and generational illiteracy. Usually, there’s a combination of these barriers at play.

That’s why sending girls to school was our focus this past Giving Tuesday. When a girl is educated, she has the tools she needs to pursue a career, earn and income and someday even rise above poverty. When a girl is empowered like this, she in turn empowers her family and community for generations to come.

Educating girls is world-changing work.

Our Giving Tuesday goal was to give one-year school scholarships to 300 girls. But Holt donors went above and beyond. By the end of the day, the generosity of hundreds of individuals, plus an anonymous $20,000 matching gift resulted in enough scholarships for 472 girls. This is incredible!

As a result, 472 girls in India and around the world are getting the education they need to create a better life. These are just some of the girls whose lives you’ve changed forever:

Daksha reading a book


Before she started 12th grade, Daksha got married. The pandemic caused great financial difficulty in her family, so they began planning for her marriage. Once she was married, there would be one fewer mouth to feed.

Daksha was only in her late teens.

While fewer and fewer girls are marrying this young in India today, it still happens — especially since the pandemic. And like too many girls in her same situation, Daksha dropped out of school as soon as she got married. She moved in with her in-laws, as is customary, and became busy with day to day chores. She didn’t plan to finish her education.

But then she received a one-year school scholarship from Holt. 

Daksha enrolled in a special online school tailored towards girls who are in her situation. Her Holt social worker is in constant contact with her – encouraging her in her education. Even Daksha’s husband has been supportive and encouraging as she completes her studies.

Because of her scholarship, Divya has a brighter future.


Adroa thanks God for Holt donors for restoring her hope for education. Her parents separated when she was young and she was raised by her grandmother. They lived in poverty and Adroa had no hope for education. She felt overjoyed when she was enrolled in school thanks to a school scholarship from Holt donors! 

Today, she has a bright future. She dreams of becoming a doctor so that she can support vulnerable members of the community with health services

Saira holding up books


When COVID-19 became worse in India, Saira’s family closed their small business. They had zero income for several months, plummeting them into even worse poverty. Saira dropped out of school. She only had one more year left, but her family couldn’t afford the school fees.

But because of the one-year school scholarship she received from Holt donors, she reenrolled in school! Just last month, Saira ordered her textbooks, and began special online courses.

She stays connected with her Holt social worker and other girls in the program through a social media group where they encourage each other in their education.

“Indeed the family is happy to be a part of the education program,” says Holt’s partner organization in Pune, India. “Saira is taking good benefit from the institute and is very thankful.”


Balinda is the best student in her class in Uganda, and she dedicates her success to Holt donors who make it possible for her to go to school. She lives with both of her parents, but neither of them makes a reliable enough income to pay for her education. Things got so difficult, that Balinda dropped out of school. 

But then, she received a school scholarship from Holt donors. She is so thankful to Holt for providing her with all that she needs to get an education. Balinda used to live in fear of school fees, but Holt took the fears away and now she can focus on her studies. She glorifies God for Holt.

Balinda holding up books


When Anjum tried to enroll in school this year, the school wouldn’t accept her registration. She felt devastated.

“Her mother visited the school many times to get the certificate, but the principle refused to meet her,” says a social worker from Holt’s partner organization in Delhi. “Despite multiple efforts, she could not get her certificate. The school authorities were deliberately pushing her away from regular schooling.”

Anjum needed help. Her education and future depended on it.

Thankfully, she got just the help she needed. Anjum received a school scholarship from Holt donors, and with it came the built-in educational advocacy of Holt’s partner organization on the ground.

“We took out time to visit the school and work with the school to arrange for the required documentation,” Anjum’s social worker says.

Though it took some time, they were successful.

Anjum received the certificate she needed and enrolled into her new high school. Here’s she’ll attend and study for two more years before going to university.

Your gift of a one-year scholarship empowers a girl to have a bright future and overcome poverty! 

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