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In 2020, the generous and heartfelt gifts of Holt sponsors and donors like you helped children and families across Holt programs like never before.

Your gifts delivered emergency food to families during citywide lockdowns.  You helped orphanages hire extra caregivers to care for children during many months of quarantine; sent protective equipment like masks and sanitizers to keep children, families, Holt staff and caregivers safe; provided special workbooks, supplies and even digital devices to help children learn remotely; and gave hygiene kits for families in such financial crisis they couldn’t even afford soap. You also provided emergency medical care, socially distant social worker visits; and so, so much more.

As we look back on 2020, we could go on and on about all the ways you made a difference. But let’s narrow in on one country where Holt works to show how your compassion and generosity helped children and families weather the global COVID-19 crisis.

In the Philippines last year, you helped over 2,300 children receive the care and support they needed to not only survive the pandemic, but continue to learn, grow healthy and strong, and thrive in the love of their families or caregivers.

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Children in orphanage care and foster homes continued to receive quality care while awaiting family reunification or adoption. Through the Independent Living and Educational Assistance (ILEA) program, you helped older children who have aged out of orphanage care to remotely continue their high school and college education.

To help children and families who lost jobs and income due to citywide lockdowns, you helped provide emergency food boxes of rice, sardines, coffee and soymilk. You also made it possible to provide emergency cash assistance to families in greatest need — helping them stay in their homes and out of debt during this difficult time.

Although the pandemic suspended in-person school, children in the Philippines continued to learn in a variety of ways from home. Depending on a child’s location and access to internet and other resources, children learned either through an online learning system, a blended approach of offline and online learning, educational programming on public radio or television, or hardcopy workbooks and lessons.

View the slideshow above to see photos of the children and families you helped and learn more about the difference you made in the Philippines last year!

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