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Teenage girl receiving Holt support in Thailand standing in front of her garden

Holt president Phil Littleton shares the story of how 17 years of sponsorship support has impacted one girl’s life in Thailand.

As a Holt sponsor, you help care for a child when they need you — and for however long they need you — until they are safe and thriving in a loving home. In some cases, sponsored children need different kinds of care and support at different times in their lives.

Pai was just a newborn baby when our team in Thailand learned that she needed help. Pai was born with a cleft lip and palate, and her mom was just 17 years old and needed help feeding and caring for her daughter. Our team provided infant supplies and nutrition advice, but when Pai was six months old, her mom returned in a state of crisis. With the generous support of Holt sponsors, Pai was able to stay in the loving care of a Holt foster family while her mom worked to get back on her feet.

Pai in front of her home with her grandfather and step-grandmother.

Eleven months passed, and Pai’s mom was still unfortunately not in a place where could care for her daughter. Thankfully, Pai’s grandfather had the capacity and desire to care for her, and Pai left Holt foster care to live with him.

Although Pai was no longer in Holt foster care, sponsors continued to support her — providing infant formula and supplies that her grandfather could not afford on his own.

Pai at a younger age, presenting a piece of artwork to her classmates. Sponsors have supported Pai throughout her life!

As Pai grew, Holt’s team in Thailand made regular home visits and provided counseling and parenting training to Pai’s grandfather. Holt’s team made sure Pai received the corrective treatments she needed for her cleft lip and palate. And as she got older, and Pai’s needs changed, sponsors made it possible for her to receive both the material and emotional support she needed – including school supplies and uniforms, and guidance counseling as she navigated school.

A younger Pai (center) swimming with friends.

In ninth grade, Pai became so overwhelmed by homework that she almost dropped out of school. Pai’s social worker counseled her to continue her education, and also reached out to Pai’s teachers. Together, they worked to help Pai overcome the challenges she faced at school.   

Today, Pai is 17 — the same age her mom was when she gave birth to Pai. She is on track to graduate high school and is hard-working and committed to achieving that goal.

I just love this story because it shows how deeply committed Holt sponsors are to the children in our programs. Together with our team in Thailand, they made sure Pai had everything she needed to thrive and to stay in the loving care of her family. Imagine how differently her life may have turned out without the support of Holt sponsors like you?

No matter how long a child needs your care, or what kind of care they need, know that your commitment is powerful and life-changing for your sponsored child.

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