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Holt sponsor Tami Glasco shares why she sponsors nine children, and plans to add one more at the end of the year!

In August of 2009, our dear friends Dusty and Missy Robinson adopted a precious little boy through Holt. From the moment we met Owen, Holt International had our hearts.

My husband and I had sponsored children through other organizations when our three daughters were growing up. It was always important to us for our children to grow up understanding how important it is to see the needs around us and look for ways to meet those needs. We are blessed to be a blessing.

When we began to have grandchildren, we knew that we wanted to pass that same understanding on to them, so we committed to sponsor a child through Holt for every grandchild that was born. By 2014, we were sponsoring three children. In July of 2014, I lost my husband in a tragic accident. I knew that continuing to sponsor children was not only a way to instill a heart of giving into our grandchildren’s lives, but also a way to honor my husband’s legacy. He was the most generous man I have ever known.

As of today, I sponsor nine children, one for each grandchild. I give each grandchild the bookmark for the Holt child sponsored in their honor. I want these children to become real to them. I want them to pray for these children and be excited to hear an update on them. I want them to understand that these are real children with real needs. I want them to learn to see beyond themselves and realize that there are needs all around them. That is a calling that the Lord has on each of our lives — see the needs and love enough to do something about it.

Teaching my grandchildren these valuable lessons will be a process because they are still so young. At this point, they enjoy sending a family picture to our sponsored children for Christmas and their birthdays. As they become older, I hope that they will begin to write letters to them. My prayer is that my grandchildren will have hearts tender to the needs of others.

Holt International is having a huge impact on the lives of so many children and their families. If we are willing to give, we can share in that impact. We can experience the reality first hand that it truly IS more of a blessing to give than to receive.

I am not sure how many children I will end up sponsoring, but I can tell you this — #10 will be added by the end of this year!

Tami Glasco | Brenham, TX

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