Our Services

File Copies

Holt may be able provide you with a copy of your child materials from both your U.S. and International files. This is usually the same information provided to your parents when you were adopted. Documents can be lost over time, and Holt endeavors to help you replace these valuable pieces of history.

Birth Family Search

For some Adoptees, a search for birth family may be possible. Holt can help you determine this by reviewing your file and discussing your case with our overseas partner agencies. We can also provide a list of resources for you to continue your search on your own.


Proving U.S. citizenship is becoming an issue for many Adoptees, and Holt would like to help you solve any issues you may be encountering, including issues with social security or U.S. passports. We may be able to determine your status, provide document copies, and help replace lost certificates.


If you are considering a visit to Korea, and would like to investigate your past while you are there, please contact Holt. We can assist with visits to the Holt Korea offices, file reviews, visits to orphanages or care facilities, and determine if a search for birth family is possible

Counseling & Referral Services

Everyone sometimes feels the need for an empathetic listener and expert advice. One of our social workers can assist you in determining what resources you may need and how to go about obtaining them. We want to help. 


Holt knows the importance of maintaining a connection between Adoptees, birth families and foster families. Even if birth/foster families aren’t known, adoptees can have a letter and photo placed into their file should their birth family ever contact Holt.

Our Programs

Holt Adoptee Camp

A week of Holt camp will be one of the best experiences of your life. Along with other Adoptees, you'll have the chance to try new things, make new friends and discuss issues that are important and unique to Adoptees. No matter which location or camp experience you attend, you'll fill your days playing group games, developing skits, playing sports, swimming, living in cabins, exploring your identity, eating great food, creating arts and crafts and hanging out with new and old friends — all under the leadership and supervision of trained adult Adoptee camp counselors!

Circle Back Adoptee Mentorship

Through this new program, led by Holt's expert post-adoption team of Adoptees, we help youth Adoptees lay the foundation for healthy identify development, acknowledge and process different facets of their Adoptee and racial identities, and connect with older Adoptees in a way that is uniquely tailored to each Adoptee and family. Circle Back mentorship program includes three virtual mentorship sessions via Zoom from the comfort of an Adoptee's home. There is also a single session option. We use this time to help support Adoptee identity and cover topics such as birth stories, birth parents, racial identity, search, reunion, travel and so much more.