You Ain’t Crazy – The Impact of Parenting a Child from a Hard Place

April 23rd at 5PM PST

Holt is excited to bring you Jayne Schooler, MSB, author, educator, child advocate, project coordinator and her enlightening webinar based on her book “Wounded Children, Healing Homes.”

When a child with a history of trauma joins the family, it is transformational for that family. Most often, this transformation is positive for all in the family. Occasionally, the transformation is not and the issues and challenges in maintaining the child in the home feel insurmountable.”

This webinar addresses key issues:

  • What does a traumatized child look like?
  • What are the behavioral challenges most often felt by parents?
  • What does happen to the adoptive family?
  • What helps parents overcome the challenges?

This webinar will provide 60 minutes packed full of valuable information followed by a question and answer period. This webinar is appropriate for families who are considering adopting or who have adopted a child from a hard place.

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Moderated by Abbie Smith, LCSW, Director of Clinical Services

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