Speaking For Those Who Have No Voice

Pastor Marc Pritchett shares why he gets on stage every night and inspires concertgoers to become Holt child sponsors.

In 2004, I was the keynote speaker at a student conference in Trinidad. The hour came for me to make my grand entrance, and as I walked by the main gate, I saw eight young local boys — their faces pressed partly through the gate’s bars, as if imprisoned in a jail cell.

The walls of the conference center were surrounded with rolls of barbed concertina wire, reminiscent of a military war zone. But why was the place so fortified? Why did we want to keep some people out, while allowing others to come in?

The truth revealed to me that day would forever change my life!

As I made my way past the children at the gate, I asked the conference director, “What about those kids?” “What about them?” she responded. “Can we let them come into the session too?” I can still hear her haunting response. “Well, those kids can’t come in. They are not the kind you would want in here with us,” she said. “They’re orphans and probably trouble.” Though I was shocked by her response, I did what any guest speaker would do… nothing!  After all, I was her guest. But throughout my sermon, I was thinking of the ones on the outside looking in! I couldn’t shake the image in my head of the orphans and the words “…they are not the kind you want…” The only problem was, they were the kind I wanted!  And moreover, they were the exact kind Jesus died for!

Pastor Marc Pritchett is the founder of RUSH Ministries and this year’s spokesperson for Holt International during the Winter Jam concert series.

After the session, I quickly proceeded to the gate only to find five of the original eight boys — their faces still pushed through the gate. As I approached them, I anxiously reached through the gate’s bars for one of the children’s hands. I touched and held their rough little hands for what seemed like an hour — each one patiently awaiting his/her turn to touch me, the “man of God.” But I didn’t feel like a “man of God.”  I felt like a man who chose not to “…speak up for those who had no voice…” (Proverbs 31:8).

The truth is, it was me who was waiting to touch them. My spiritual lament for their souls must have been heard by every angel in Heaven.

Today, considering this and many other glorious encounters, God has opened a door for me to be one of the spokespersons for Holt International. I now share my story with thousands across America and get to see God’s glory revealed through child sponsorship! It’s an honor to feel I can become the voice of those who have no voice. And by grace, I will keep going until every child has a safe and secure home. To God be the glory!

Marc Pritchett • Pastor, Winter Jam Speaker

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