Dear Sponsors…

Many children love to send handwritten letters and works of art to their Holt sponsors. See what Vidya from India and Hieu from Vietnam sent to their sponsors! 

vidyaName: Vidya Age: 15 Country: India

Vidya is on a path to success! With support from her Holt sponsors, Vidya is fulfilling her mother’s dream for her to have a good education and a bright future. She is an attentive student, is especially good at math and science, and a leader among her peers. Vidya enjoys cooking yummy food for her family, reading books, listening to music and going to the movie theater at her home in Bangalore, India. She is friendly, energetic and quick to share her cute smile with those around her. In this letter and drawing she sent to her sponsors, you can see that she is eager to learn more about them as well!


Name: Hieu Age: 10 Country: Vietnam

hieuHieu and his mother live in Hanoi, Vietnam’s capital city. His mother makes and sells bamboo baskets and received help from a Holt microloan to start her business. Because of the support Hieu receives from his sponsors, he is well nourished, healthy and can continue to live in the loving care of his mother. He loves going to school where he has lots of friends and is known to be funny — although his teachers say he could do a better job of paying attention in class! He is very loving towards his mother and says that someday, he wants to get a good job so that he can buy her a nice house. And as you can see from his picture, he loves the people in his life and is quite the budding artist!


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