From the President: Holt’s First Sponsorship Magazine

A message from Holt’s president and CEO.

In 2013, Phil visited many of Holt’s sponsor-supported programs in the Philippines.

First, I would like to simply say thank you. Thank you, dedicated sponsors.  Because of your partnership, orphaned and vulnerable children can dream of a better future.

Right now, you are reading the very first Holt International child sponsorship magazine, filled with stories that we hope will inspire you, fill your day with joy and tell you more about us.

In our feature story, a Holt staff member shares about her journey to Cambodia, where Holt sponsors are helping to empower women so they can independently provide for their children.  You’ll read about a college student in the Philippines and a schoolteacher in India, both of whom were once Holt-sponsored children. You’ll also discover what inspired one family to sponsor their first child and what inspired another sponsor to go above and beyond for the children and families we serve.

Have you recently joined our child sponsorship family?  Perhaps through a Winter Jam concert?  We would like to offer an enthusiastic welcome to you!  You are among thousands of individuals who have made the wonderful decision to sponsor a child at a Winter Jam concert this year.  Our partnership with NewSong and Winter Jam is incredibly meaningful.  It connects us to individuals like you, who have a heart for the world’s most vulnerable children. It means the world to us that you are helping to achieve our vision of a world where every child has a secure and loving home.

Psalm 119:50 says, “My comfort in my suffering is this:  Your promise preserves my life.”  Because of the promise you have made, a child will be empowered to reach his or her full potential in life.

We hope you enjoy this, the first edition of our sponsorship magazine. And once again, we say thank you.  Thank you for your promise to the children in our care.  Thank you for providing comfort, warmth and hope.

Phil Littleton | President & CEO

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