Dear Readers

A message to our readers from Holt’s managing editor.

Dear Readers,

In recent weeks, many of you received our annual Gifts of Hope catalog in the mail. You may have noticed that the catalog is a bit different this year — with many more pages of items you can give to children and families in need in honor of your loved ones. Gifts of Hope are all thoughtful, heartfelt and practical ways to embrace this season of giving and share the many blessings in our lives with those less fortunate.

CoverBrowsing Holt’s Gifts of Hope catalog is also a unique opportunity to learn about the many ways Holt serves children and families. The very specific items highlighted in the catalog illustrate in minute detail how we work to strengthen families, help children grow and thrive, and pursue our vision of a world where every child has a loving and secure home. Our vision is grand, our scope is broad, but to achieve our big goals, it takes small steps and little gifts of support along the way. An egg a day. A cow. A bicycle to get to school. These little gifts, when given as part of Holt’s broader program support, can create the momentum for lasting and meaningful change in the life of a vulnerable child.

On that note, I’m excited to share with you our latest edition of Holt International Magazine! This online-only issue features stories that further show the impact of your support — including items that can be specifically funded through our Gifts of Hope catalog. These narrative pieces share how one Gift of Hope can change one child’s life. A child like Li Gen Hao — now a young woman of 21 — who seven years ago was one of the first sponsored students in Holt’s family strengthening program in Longchuan, Yunnan province. Until she was 18 years old, this young woman lived with a crippling spinal deformity. Then, in 2010, generous Holt donors helped her receive life-changing surgery on her spine. Today, she attends college through the support of Holt’s continuing education program in China.

For our feature, we turn to India to share the stories of two little boys with special needs. Through Holt-supported medical care, physical therapy and the love of nurturing caregivers and foster parents, these boys thrived in the care of our local partner agency. One ultimately joined an adoptive family. The other reunited with his birth family. Both boys are now safe and secure in the loving care of a family. That is our vision realized. That is how a gift of education or medical care or foster care is a truly a Gift of Hope.

From all of us at Holt, Happy Holidays!

Robin Munro | Managing Editor

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