Children Who Wait

These and other children need adoptive families.

Born 10.13.2001, China

Lyle is a healthy, friendly 13-year-old 6th grader who enjoys playing basketball, dancing and drawing. Lyle’s teacher says that he is a great student, often helping her with tasks and leading a study team. He has exceptional handwriting, and receives many awards for his art. He gets along well with others and has many friends at school — partially due to his easy-going and cheerful nature. He also has close bonds with his caregivers and teachers. Lyle’s caregivers say that he is confident and sensible. Lyle entered care shortly after he was born, and from 2004 to 2010, Lyle lived with a loving foster family. They were unable to continue caring for him after a family member fell ill. When Lyle was 3, doctors repaired his cleft lip and palate. He still speaks with a bit of a slur, but his caregivers say he is easy to understand. Lyle is hoping for a permanent, loving family in the United States and he says he would love to join a home with siblings.

Born 7.17.2009, SE Asia 

Little Nick just turned 5, and started school in May. When Nick isn’t doing his schoolwork, he loves to ride his bicycle, play in the sand, watch cartoons, sing and play with toy cars. He likes hot dogs, fruit and eggs. Nick joined a foster family when he was 4 months old, and they say he has great manners and social skills. Nick has many friends, and he is caring and sensitive. He is enthusiastic about school, which is helping him gain self-confidence. Nick was diagnosed with hydrocele in October 2013, and he may need surgery in the future. Nick’s ideal family will have a good understanding of older child adoption and access to any medical care he will need.

Kate and MaraKate & Mara
Born 06.27.2006, Africa

Twins Kate and Mara are cheerful and outgoing 8-year-old girls. They have many friends, and play well with other children. Caregivers say Kate and Mara are polite, caring, respectful and smart. They are both developmentally on track and healthy. Although they are a bit behind academically due to a language barrier, they are working to gain better reading and writing skills. Both girls are learning to speak English and Amharic, in addition to their native language. Kate and Mara enjoy swinging and coloring pictures. The girls entered care in 2013, after their grandmother grew too ill to care for them. Kate and Mara say they are excited to join a family in the United States. Their social worker says that they persistently ask if she has found a family to take them home yet. Kate says they want to join a family in the United States so they can be daughters, and have the opportunity to attend school.


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