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A Special Mother’s Day message


The spring issue of Holt International magazine has officially become our “Mother’s Day” issue. As you read through this special publication, we hope you enjoy the heartfelt family stories that help to illustrate the joys and hardships of motherhood.  In keeping with this “mother” theme, I thought it appropriate to share a little news with all of you. In June, my husband and I will welcome our first child, a son, into the world.  Due to this new and exciting “development” in our lives, I will be scaling back my hours at Holt, and our very capable and talented senior writer, Robin Munro, will take over the managing editor responsibilities.

I’m extremely excited to begin this new adventure and also feel blessed to be able to continue my relationship with Holt International as well as our Holt families and friends.  I can remember the first waiting child I ever advocated for when I started at Holt four years ago. Her name was “Melissa,” a 13-year-old from China who was just about to lose her adoption eligibility. Deep into job training and learning the ropes, it took me a while – too long – to grasp the severity of Melissa’s situation, to grasp the importance of my job. I wrote about Melissa on the blog and shared her story, and that was it. Then, two months later, as

I was busy with the “day-to-day,” the late John Aeby, Holt’s former director of communications, came in to my office to inform me that Melissa had a family. Through advocating efforts and prayers, Melissa found her family in the nick of time. “It may not have seemed like much,” said John. “But you were a part of that.” After John left my office, I prayed, thanking God for putting me in this position. Finally, I got it.’

Today, especially as I wait to welcome my new little one, I feel even more of a responsibility for the children who wait for families – most of them children with special needs, children like the ones featured on page 27. I can’t wait for each of these children to know the joy of having a mother — a mother to wipe their tears and give them a goodnight kiss. I know their day is coming, and I pray that it comes soon.

We at Holt wish all of you mothers and mothers-to-be out there a happy and hopeful Mother’s Day!


Ashli Keyser | Managing Editor

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