Introducing Holt International Online Magazine

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Dear Friends,

We are thrilled to introduce to you Holt International Magazine online, filled with touching stories from Holt adoptive families, stories from adult adoptees, helpful country information and from-the-field updates, and great photos of families who have come together through the wonderful journey of adoption!

Holt International’s philosophy has always been to put the needs of children first. In light of rising costs, publishing this online version of the magazine will better provide children coming into Holt’s care with the love and support they desperately need. These online issues represent a significant savings, expanding our ability to serve more children. It will also provide you with more stories, more often!

We understand that many of you have come to expect a printed version of the magazine in your mail. We weighed the cost and determined that publishing two printed magazines a year, instead of 4, would help us to better attend to new children coming into our care.

We will offer this online version frequently! And you will receive a printed version in your mail in the spring and winter. We will also continue to provide versions compatible with your favorite E-readers. Look for the next printed issue of Holt International magazine to arrive in your mailbox this spring. In the meantime, enjoy this online publication! If you have any questions about this digital version or future digital publications, don’t hesitate to contact



  1. Enjoy reading Holt’s magazine!

    From a child sponsor,

    D. Wilkerson
    Loveland, Ohio

  2. My first husband Galen and I adopted daughter Gail at age 4 1/2 Months and she arrived to us in Chicago, IL in 1972. She is now 40 and at the age of 20 got Paranoia Schizophernia. We adopted a Son Bryan born in 1975. He arrived to us at the age of 7 months in Minneapolis, MN. He was sick in Korea and had the measles. He is now 37. They were adopted thru the Holt. My childrens dad died at the age of 42 from Chrons disease. Always feel that Gail and Bryan are a gift from God. The Lord has plans for us and so happy that they were in his Plan. PTL

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