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Coronavirus Temporarily Cancels Holt Adoptive Family Travel to China

coronavirus China adoption

After much deliberation and consultation with our staff in China, Holt has decided to temporarily cancel all adoptive family travel to China.

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to spread, and with the safety of children and families our top priority, we have decided that it is neither reasonable nor responsible for us to support travel at this time.

Right now, even routine daily travel within China is extremely difficult. The Chinese government is telling everyone to stay indoors, and both local and long-distance transportation providers have closed down or cut schedules, as have restaurants and stores. Even more, many government offices are closed or can close unannounced at any time, making it impossible to guarantee that families will be able to finalize their adoption. The result could be that families and children are detained and possibly quarantined in China without access to medical care or transportation.

For adoptive families as well as Holt, the health and safety of children is the first concern. Our on-the-ground staff in China tell us that currently, all children in our adoption programs are healthy. The Chinese government has mandated extensive precautions for orphanages to protect children in their care, and our decision to suspend travel helps further protect all children in care.

If you are currently in the China adoption program and have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our China travel coordinator, Steve Hejna, at [email protected] or 541.505.5579, or any other member of the China team.

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