Thank You for Helping Duy Grow and Thrive!

duy eating food thank you for helping duy grow and thrive

Duy was suffering from malnutrition and needed help. But thanks to generous donors like you, Duy can grow and thrive!

Before, Duy and his older sister were left at an orphanage in Vietnam when their mother couldn’t afford to feed them anymore. He was sick with a chronically upset stomach, swollen legs, a constant stuffy nose and ear infections.

And it was all rooted in one thing: malnutrition.

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Thank You For Being a Guardian Angel

Holt CEO Phil Littleton shares a special message with sponsors. 

Linda Holm's daughter, who once had a Holt sponsor, in her high school graduation photo.
Linda Holm’s daughter in her high school graduation photo.

Recently, I went back and reread a story in one of our older Holt sponsorship magazines. It’s a sweet story about an adoptive mom who also sponsors children in India, the country where she adopted her two daughters. It got me thinking about my own children, who are also adopted, and how incredibly meaningful sponsorship would have been in their lives.

My wife and I adopted our kids domestically in the U.S., so we know they didn’t have sponsors before they joined our family. But I often think about that — about how vulnerable they would have been if they had lived in an orphanage overseas, and how grateful I would feel to the people who so generously cared for them during that precarious time in their lives. Continue reading “Thank You For Being a Guardian Angel”

Back to School During COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to impact children and families in Holt’s programs around the world.  As cases continue to surge, many children will be learning from home this fall. In some countries, back-to-school during COVID-19 plans are still up in the air. But no matter the circumstances, your support is helping to ensure children can continue their education during this ongoing global crisis. See how you are helping children in each country to safely learn this year!

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They Don’t Like Girls

“Why do they want to let the children to study?” says Payal, her dark brown eyes perplexed.

“Especially girls…?” Mayvis adds hesitantly — the addition to Payal’s statement that makes all four girls nod in mutual questioning. Payal, Sanjana, Manixa and Mayvis are recording a message for their Holt sponsors. And this, their biggest question, marks a drastic shift in tone.

Just five minutes ago they sat upstairs in their classroom — proudly performing an American pop song in front of their classmates. Their friend group, all between the ages of 11 and 13, calls themselves the “Planet Chicks.” They like to talk on the school bus, dance and sing, and encourage one another to do the right thing.

They are happy, carefree girls. But, as their biggest question lets on, they know things could be drastically different. The conversation becomes serious.

“They don’t like girls,” Sanjana says, “they only like boys.”

“People in the village,” Payal clarifies.

These girls all come from families that have migrated from the villages to the booming, southern city of Bengaluru. The villages they speak of are actually cities of several hundred thousand people, where people still adhere more strictly to the rules of traditional patriarchal society. Where they come from, it is common to educate boys, but not educate girls. Where they come from, young girls get married.

This is an excerpt from a longer story that originally appeared on the Holt Stories blog in July 2018. 

Just $27 can help keep a young girl safe and  in school. Right now, your gift doubles to help build girl-friendly bathrooms at school!



Because of You, Jovan Never Misses a Meal!

Critically malnourished and always tired, Jovan’s health was suffering. He needed help.

Pale and skinny, Jovan’s health was so poor, he didn’t even have enough energy to help around the house. He had terrible, debilitating stomach pains. He couldn’t gain weight even though his family gave him whatever extra food they had — which wasn’t very much.

Jovan is one of seven children. Both of his parents work, but they don’t make enough to support a family of nine. While none of them had enough to eat, Jovan’s health was worst of all…

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