Thousands of Children Treated for Parasites in Uganda

At a recent Holt Child Health Day in Uganda, 14,900 children received deworming medication, and instantly began to feel better.

One of the biggest threats to children in Uganda is also something very tiny: intestinal parasites.

Children who have intestinal parasites experience chronic vomiting, diarrhea, dehydration, stomach pains and more. And in the long-term, the effects are even worse: stunted growth, wasting, severe malnutrition and even death.

That’s why this spring, Holt donors gave to a new and very important cause: treating children for parasites. The solution is so simple, a tiny deworming tablet taken twice per year. But due to lack of awareness and lack of access to the medication, so many children needlessly suffer.

So last spring, Holt Uganda held a Child Health Day for the community. And over 14,900 children came.

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Help for Haiti

On Saturday, August 14th, a massive 7.2 magnitude earthquake hit Haiti. Just days later, Tropical Depression Grace brought even more devastation to children, families and communities.

When disaster strikes, we’re always astounded by the generosity and compassion of Holt donors. And this most recent crisis in Haiti was no different.

Because of our amazing Holt donors, Holt Haiti staff was able to give immediate help to those who needed it most.

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Food for a Family Sick with COVID

Thanks to Holt donors, a family sick with COVID in Mongolia received emergency food and medicine. 

Chinua and her family usually had enough to eat. But when her whole family got sick with COVID-19, they suddenly needed urgent help. 

Chinua and her entire family of five were quarantined at home. Her mom couldn’t work and they had no savings, so they had no money for food or even medicine. And even if they could afford it, they weren’t allowed to leave. 

That’s when Chinua’s mom called Holt Mongolia for help. And because of your support, Chinua’s mom was told, “Yes. We can help you!” 

The very next day, Chinua and her family received a package of food and medicine. 


As Chinua’s mom received the package, she broke down in tears — thanking Holt donors over and over again for the lifesaving support. 

“For many families,” says a Holt Mongolia social worker, “there is no other lifeline. Without this support, there would be little food, and no medicines. But as long as we are there, for families like this one, there will always be hope.”

Because of you, Chinua and her family had the lifesaving food and medicine they needed to recover — and to have hope through their darkest time.

Throughout the pandemic, Holt donors have offered a lifeline to so many children and families around the world who were sick or hungry. Learn more about giving lifesaving food or medicine to a family in need

A Day of Celebration and Hope

Thanks to Holt sponsors, children in Holt’s programs around the world received gifts and had birthday celebrations for International Day of the Child!

In a year filled with COVID-19 lockdowns, quarantines and other difficulties, this International Day of the Child celebration was just what the children needed. The birthday parties were a chance for them to have fun and feel celebrated and special. Thank you for making it such a joyous day for these children!

Here are reports from just some of this year’s celebrations:

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School Lunch Takes Away Hunger at Yesus Mena!

school lunch helps hunger at yesus mena

Children attending a special school for the deaf in Ethiopia were showing up, full of hunger, at Yesus Mena each day. But thanks to sponsors and donors like you, they aren’t hungry anymore!

In rural Ethiopia, students at the Yesus Mena School for the Deaf travel incredibly long distances to get to school each day.

And they’d always show up, full of hunger, at Yesus Mena.

Many of their families are subsistence farmers, and can’t provide regular meals for their children. Students would walk miles each direction to get to this special school, but once they got there they were too hungry to concentrate — distracted by hunger pains. But not anymore!

Because of your generosity, 680 students at Yesus Mena now receive free school lunch every day!

Every day, you help provide a lunch of stewed vegetables and meat, rice, spongy injera and more! This filling, delicious meal keeps them attentive, and is just the fuel they need to learn to their fullest potential!

Thank you for helping fight hunger at Yesus Mena School for the Deaf!

Want to help provide a filling and delicious lunch for children like the students of Yesus Mena? Just $25 provides a school lunch to one child for a whole month.

Host a Child from Colombia this Winter!

Host a child from Colombia this December and help them find a permanent, loving family. 

This December, Holt is partnering with KidSave to bring an incredible opportunity to waiting children in Colombia and families in the U.S.

In December, older children from Colombia will travel to spend several weeks with a family in the U.S. Families can share their favorite activities, learn about another culture, spend time with a wonderful child, consider adopting or help that child find a permanent family. 

This is the perfect opportunity for families considering adopting an older child from Colombia.

The application deadline is September 15, 2021. 

Interested in learning more about hosting? Contact or visit to sign up for an online orientation.

Thank You for Helping Duy Grow and Thrive!

duy eating food thank you for helping duy grow and thrive

Duy was suffering from malnutrition and needed help. But thanks to generous donors like you, Duy can grow and thrive!

Before, Duy and his older sister were left at an orphanage in Vietnam when their mother couldn’t afford to feed them anymore. He was sick with a chronically upset stomach, swollen legs, a constant stuffy nose and ear infections.

And it was all rooted in one thing: malnutrition.

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They Don’t Like Girls

“Why do they want to let the children to study?” says Payal, her dark brown eyes perplexed.

“Especially girls…?” Mayvis adds hesitantly — the addition to Payal’s statement that makes all four girls nod in mutual questioning. Payal, Sanjana, Manixa and Mayvis are recording a message for their Holt sponsors. And this, their biggest question, marks a drastic shift in tone.

Just five minutes ago they sat upstairs in their classroom — proudly performing an American pop song in front of their classmates. Their friend group, all between the ages of 11 and 13, calls themselves the “Planet Chicks.” They like to talk on the school bus, dance and sing, and encourage one another to do the right thing.

They are happy, carefree girls. But, as their biggest question lets on, they know things could be drastically different. The conversation becomes serious.

“They don’t like girls,” Sanjana says, “they only like boys.”

“People in the village,” Payal clarifies.

These girls all come from families that have migrated from the villages to the booming, southern city of Bengaluru. The villages they speak of are actually cities of several hundred thousand people, where people still adhere more strictly to the rules of traditional patriarchal society. Where they come from, it is common to educate boys, but not educate girls. Where they come from, young girls get married.

This is an excerpt from a longer story that originally appeared on the Holt Stories blog in July 2018. 

Just $27 can help keep a young girl safe and  in school. Right now, your gift doubles to help build girl-friendly bathrooms at school!