Medical Care, and a Healthier Home, for One Child in China

How Holt donors like you helped provide medical care and a safer, healthier home for one child and her family in China. 

Thao (center) with her family after Holt donors and Holt staff in China helped them overcome their challenges.
Thao (center) with her family after Holt donors and Holt staff in China helped them overcome their challenges.

When Holt staff in China first visited Tao’s family, their house was a mess. There were food wrappers everywhere, chipping paint, and the floor looked like it hadn’t been swept in months.

Seven-year-old Tao and her siblings appeared no better. They wore dirty clothes, and apparently never bathed or brushed their teeth. They got sick all the time. Continue reading “Medical Care, and a Healthier Home, for One Child in China”

Holt Donors Help One Boy Find a Nurturing Home to Heal

Through Holt’s new donor-supported foster care program in Cambodia,  one boy with special medical needs finds a loving place to heal. 

Kiri’s mother brought him to the hospital for medical care, but then left and never came back. We may never know why she felt forced to make this heartbreaking decision…

He was just 1 year old and had a serious lung disease and a cleft palate. He was rushed to the ICU. Kiri stabilized, but for months he had no one to visit him. No one to hold and comfort him. Continue reading “Holt Donors Help One Boy Find a Nurturing Home to Heal”

Thanks to the Good-Hearted People

Li is recovering from home, and loves his stuffed ox!

Li and Wen never thought their hearts would be strong enough to run, play or even stay in school. But thanks to generous Holt donors, they both received the lifesaving heart surgeries they’d never dared to hope for. 

When the phone rang at 10-year-old Li’s home in rural China. It was a phone call he and his aunt never thought they’d receive…

“Is it true I can receive a free surgery?!” Li asked his aunt unbelievably.

“Yes,” his aunt answered, “there are many good-hearted people helping us.”

It was someone from Holt China on the other end of the phone, telling them that because of generous Holt donors who gave to the Valentine’s heart surgery campaign, Li could finally receive the operation he needed. Continue reading “Thanks to the Good-Hearted People”

Best Birthday Snapshots

It’s so fun to see how children in Holt’s programs celebrate their birthdays around the world!

Every year on June 1,  International Day of the Child, Holt kids around the world have the biggest birthday bash of the year — all thanks to Holt sponsors and donors like you!

Here are some of our favorite photos of birthdays around the world from years past:


Just $25 gives a child in living in an orphanage or in poverty a handpicked gift, special meal and birthday party on June 1 — International Day of the Child! 

140 Children, Forever Loved From Korea

Together, Mrs. Yang and Mrs. Kim have fostered over 140 children in Korea. In August 2017, they visited Holt families in Oregon — an experience they, and the adoptees and adoptive families they met, will never forget.

This story originally appeared on the Holt blog in September 2017. 

Mrs. Yang sat in a room at Holt’s international headquarters in Oregon — sobbing.

She clutched the glossy photobook to her chest then set it down to cover her face with her hands. The photobook was sent to her by a Holt family, and full of pictures and descriptions about how their son was doing. Her shoulders rose and fell with emotion and a Holt Korea social worker and translator, who was helping me with the interview, put an arm around her.

“Separation is not easy,” she said to me. Continue reading “140 Children, Forever Loved From Korea”

Video Updates on India’s COVID Crisis for Children & Families

India COVID crisis banner

India is battling its second wave of COVID-19, and children and families there are in crisis.

Children are shut in their homes on lockdown and unable to get enough food. Families can’t work and have run out of money. Our partners are not safe as they go out in the community — risking their lives to help in whatever way they can. Some of the children and families we serve are even getting sick…

The directors of each of our three partner organizations in India filmed updates to share with Holt donors. Watch their videos below to hear updates directly from the field amidst this India COVID crisis in their country. Continue reading “Video Updates on India’s COVID Crisis for Children & Families”