Hungry No More!

Holt donors gave one girl in India the food she needed to overcome malnutrition. 

All 2-year-old Chaitali ate all day was one small, half-full bowl of rice. She was hungry, too small for her age and desperately needed more food. But many days there was nothing more to eat…

Chaitali lives with her mother, father and siblings in a two-roomed home made of sheet metal in southern India. Her parents couldn’t earn a reliable income. At their breaking point, Chaitali’s mom knew they needed help.

That’s when she reached out to a free daycare program that you support in southern India.

Right away, Chaitali and her siblings got the food they needed. They were enrolled in daycare and began to receive daily balanced meals of rice, lentils, eggs, milk and fruit.

And because Chaitali was malnourished, Holt donors helped her even more.

She receives an iron supplement every day, as well as a protein-rich porridge and a nutrition bar in addition to the regular meals. The daycare staff make sure she eats enough and they even give her fun foods with interesting colors and textures so that she can learn to enjoy healthy foods.

bowl of rice, curry and an egg
This is an example of one of the nutritious meals Chaitali gets at daycare!

Today, Chaitali is 5 years old and a healthy, growing and happy little girl! She has all the energy she needs to play and interact and grow. You also helped Chaitali’s mom receive vocational training – so she now earns a reliable income and can provide her children with regular, nutritious meals.

Thank you for giving children and families the food and personalized care they need to grow!

Feed a hungry child for just $1 per day.

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