A Day of Celebration and Hope

Thanks to Holt sponsors, children in Holt’s programs around the world received gifts and had birthday celebrations for International Day of the Child!

In a year filled with COVID-19 lockdowns, quarantines and other difficulties, this International Day of the Child celebration was just what the children needed. The birthday parties were a chance for them to have fun and feel celebrated and special. Thank you for making it such a joyous day for these children!

Here are reports from just some of this year’s celebrations:

The Philippines

In the Philippines, sponsors provided a party and handpicked gift for over 158 children! At one care center, children got to have a pizza party! As they enjoyed their pizza, their grins turned into great big pizza-coated smiles!

These girls loved getting out for a pizza party! *Faces blurred to protect confidentiality

“The happiness and delight of the Holt International sponsored children having had a day of joyful celebration can’t be fully defined in any kind of words. All the staff could describe were the smiles, laughter and fun their children showed and expressed. The celebration of 2021 Holt’s Children’s Day this year has had more meaning because it came as a happy surprise amidst the months of lockdown due to the pandemic. Not only did the children voice their appreciation and gratitude, but the orphanage directors and staff did too — all felt that this was a day of “hope” in the midst of the ‘pandemic’ situation.’”

— Holt’s partner organization in the Philippines


 “The center was decorated with balloons,” says staff at a Holt partner orphanage in India. The children danced, played games and enjoyed cake and ice cream!

Children were so excited about the cake and balloons! *Faces blurred to protect confidentiality

Children at another care center in India had a three-legged race and played other games including musical chairs, which was a huge hit! “This was a full, enthusiastic and cheerful day for all of our children,” the orphanage staff said.

These children loved doing three-legged races! *Faces blurred to protect confidentiality


Over 223 children at Holt-supported schools, day care centers and orphanages in Vietnam loved their International Day of the Child birthday celebrations! They celebrated in small groups due to COVID-19 precautions, but that didn’t stop them from having a great time.


At one Holt-supported school for children with special needs, children ate their favorite meal of curry soup with bread and each received a special gift bag.

Children in Vietnam each received a special gift bag from their sponsor!

At a residential care center, children received brand new toys from their Holt sponsors — such a treat! And at another facility they played games of tug-of-war, bean bag races and soccer.

They loved playing games together!

All of the children got to enjoy a special birthday cake!

“On behalf of the vulnerable children served in Vietnam, we would like to thank you a lot for your kindness and generous donation to these children. Your contribution has been a big meaningful encouragement to children and it will never be wasted. We really appreciate your help.”

— Holt Vietnam

Thank you, Holt sponsors, for giving such special birthday celebrations to your sponsored children around the world!

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