School Lunch Takes Away Hunger at Yesus Mena!

school lunch helps hunger at yesus mena

Children attending a special school for the deaf in Ethiopia were showing up, full of hunger, at Yesus Mena each day. But thanks to sponsors and donors like you, they aren’t hungry anymore!

In rural Ethiopia, students at the Yesus Mena School for the Deaf travel incredibly long distances to get to school each day.

And they’d always show up, full of hunger, at Yesus Mena.

Many of their families are subsistence farmers, and can’t provide regular meals for their children. Students would walk miles each direction to get to this special school, but once they got there they were too hungry to concentrate — distracted by hunger pains. But not anymore!

Because of your generosity, 680 students at Yesus Mena now receive free school lunch every day!

Every day, you help provide a lunch of stewed vegetables and meat, rice, spongy injera and more! This filling, delicious meal keeps them attentive, and is just the fuel they need to learn to their fullest potential!

Thank you for helping fight hunger at Yesus Mena School for the Deaf!

Want to help provide a filling and delicious lunch for children like the students of Yesus Mena? Just $25 provides a school lunch to one child for a whole month.

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