How to Spot One of the Biggest Threats to Children

One of the biggest threats to children around the world starts out tiny — microscopic. But then it grows into something debilitating, and even deadly. Here are the symptoms parents and health care workers look for, and how you can help…


Infographic about intestinal parasites

The symptoms of intestinal parasites are painful, debilitating and even deadly for children around the world.

But the solution is so simple… Children only need access to it.


A single tablet of deworming medication is all it takes. Within a day, the intestinal parasites die and leave the child’s body through their stool. And right away, the child begins to feel better. Their energy returns, and their little body begins to grow strong again.

These tablets cost just 53 cents each.

Nearly every child in Holt’s programs around the world needs deworming medication twice per year. Some children are terribly sick when they first enter our program, and need this medication right away.

It just takes $53 to cure 100 children from intestinal parasites. But thanks to a powerful match from the Sandy River Charitable Foundation, your gift will be doubled! That means you can cure an incredible 200 children from intestinal parasites for just $53!

Will you give today, and help treat a child suffering from intestinal parasites? 


2 Replies to “How to Spot One of the Biggest Threats to Children”

  1. Hello! Each year for our church vacation Bible School program we take offering to donate to a special cause. We would like to consider raising money this year to donate towards the parasite medication. Do you have any videos or promotional material we could use, to help the kids gain compassion through their giving?
    Thank you,
    Carmen Bengtson

  2. Hi Carmen, thanks for your inquiry. Someone from our team will be in touch with you shortly!

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