Pruitt Needs an Adoptive Family!

One-year-old Pruitt is waiting for a loving adoptive family!

Pruitt loves to play with his caregivers. One of his favorite activities is listening to music and trying to dance along! Pruitt does his best to engage with others, and he laughs and smiles when he gets tickled. Pruitt responds when his caregivers call his name or talk to him.

Pruitt receives physical therapy for spastic cerebral palsy and has made good progress since arriving at his current care center. He has begun learning to crawl, he can lift his head independently and sits with the help of his caregivers.

The best family for Pruitt will have access to excellent medical and therapeutic resources and be able to provide the care he needs to live up to his full potential.

Could you or someone you know be the right family for Pruitt?

Learn more about Pruitt!

This child’s face is hidden due to country restrictions on privacy. To see a photo of Pruitt or to request information about adoption, please visit his photolisting profile or email us at

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