You Made Their School Warm for the Winter!

In Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, Holt donors help provide a special school for children living in or near the city garbage dump. Before this school opened, these children spent their days digging through the trash in search of food and recyclables.

The Red Stone school in Mongolia needed repairs in order to keep children warm as they learned!

This school is the only place many of these children can take a hot shower or get warm . This is especially important in the winter when temperatures in Mongolia can drop to an icy 40 degrees below zero.

But recently, the school was in serious need of renovation. Four doors needed to be replaced and the walls were drafty and needed additional insulation to keep children warm and dry during Mongolia’s extreme winter weather.

So when schools closed this summer due to COVID-19, generous Holt donors helped make these critically needed building renovations possible!


New doors will help keep the icy air out of the classroom!
Colorful new insulation keeps the heat in, and will keep kids warm this winter!

When the children returned to school on September 1, you not only equipped them with school supplies, book bags, hand sanitizers and masks. They also had a warmer, safer learning environment to come back to — all because of you!


Learn more about how you can help shelter children from the cold this winter! 

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