A Loving Home for Bo

Because of your generous gifts, Bo (center) has a safe place to live and plenty to eat.

When Bo lost both of his parents, Holt donors helped provide a safe and nurturing home. 

Bo had no one to take care of him after his mother died. Bo lived with his father, but his father was HIV-positive and too sick to care for his son. Bo had also contracted the virus from his parents. In China, a huge stigma continues to surround HIV and everyone in Bo’s village was afraid of catching the virus if they came close to Bo and his father. They were shunned by their community.

No one would help them.

But Holt donors were not afraid to help Bo! You helped Bo move to one of Holt’s group homes for children living with HIV in China. Here, Bo began to receive the nutrition, education and medical care he needs. You also made it possible for him to be taken care of by people who understand his condition and treat him with love and kindness.

At the group home, Bo struggled at first. The trauma of losing his family made him emotional and he would often lash out at his caregivers. But with time and attention from his caregivers and visits to a psychologist, Bo began to heal. He began to make friends. He did better in school. He began to paint and participate in activities with the other kids. Because you helped him stay at Holt’s safe, nurturing care home for children with HIV, he grew happier and healthier.

When Bo went to live at the group home, his father was admitted to the hospital for treatment. Sadly, his father passed away a few months later. Bo became an orphan.

Without the generosity of Holt donors and his care home, Bo would have had nowhere to go.

For children like Bo who lose their parents, you also help make it possible for them to join permanent, loving families through adoption. Over the past five years, donors like you have helped 19 children from Holt’s HIV group homes in China join adoptive families in the U.S. Soon, we hope Bo will join an adoptive family, too.

Thank you for your heart for children like Bo! Thank you for giving him the safe shelter and nurturing care he needs until he can once again know the love and stability of a family.

Learn more about how you can provide safe shelter to children in need! 

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