An Age-by-Age Guide to Talking About Race & Racism

Did you know that every parent who adopts through Holt goes through a special curriculum on transracial parenting?

In this time when families are searching for resources to help talk with their children about race and racism, we’d like to share one of our favorite pieces from this curriculum.

Click here for an age-by-age guide to talking about race and racism with your kids, written by Joemy Ito-Gates and Wei Ming Dariotis. While it’s geared toward transracial adoptive families, it’s an insightful piece and a valuable reference for every parent looking to discuss this sensitive topic with their child.

To learn more about Holt’s adoption curriculum for prospective adoptive families, click here! Or if you have specific questions, email Steve Kalb at

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  1. This is unarguably one of the very best steps for ending racism. Racism has lived long enough for new seeds/successors of generations to witness. It’s very smart to educate children as early as the age of their learning/formative years as it would have a great impact to influence them and teach them that racism is always wrong in every aspect that there is. Due to what happened with the injustice death of George Floyd many uprisings were done and many victims of racism were triggered and finally united to decide that it has to stop as it has never stopped and had always been existing in today’s society although lowkey still needs to be completely erased, forgotten and never come back ever again.

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