Benjamin’s Turn

Benjamin needs a family

Benjamin needs a family!

Three and a half years ago, Holt learned about seven children who needed families from a small but exceptional orphanage in China. One by one, six of those children were matched with their adoptive families. One by one, they said their goodbyes and left the orphanage to start new lives with their forever families.

Benjamin has been there for every goodbye. He has watched each of his friends be embraced by the families who chose them.

But Benjamin still waits.

Patti Granger adopted her son, Jinru, from Benjamin’s orphanage in 2016. He was almost 8 years old when he came home. Jinru has a close friendship with Benjamin and has continued to video chat with him about once a week for the past two years since arriving home. Sometimes, other children they knew from the orphanage who are now home with their families join them on these calls. Benjamin is very interested in Jinru’s life and asks him questions about school, play time and family. He also asks more important questions, like when his own adoptive mom will come to get him — like Patti came for Jinru.

Patti has enjoyed getting to know Benjamin through these phone calls.

“To me, Benjamin’s personality is amazing!” Patti says.  “He is shy at first, but the way he chatters on and laughs with Jinru is awesome. Once you get to know him, he is chatty and inquisitive. I’ve spoken to him many times with Jinru as the interpreter. Benjamin seems fascinated by me and by being part of a family.”

Benjamin needs a family

Benjamin has cerebral palsy and has been receiving physical therapy. Before he started physical therapy, he could stand for only a couple seconds, but now he can stand by himself for over two minutes!  Because of his physical needs, Benjamin isn’t able to attend public school in China, so he studies at a school that also provides physical therapy for him.

Benjamin is described as smart, inquisitive and a fast learner. He also likes to paint and enjoys math. His orphanage is looking for a volunteer to teach him English. They are also waiting anxiously for a family to come for him.

“Benjamin knows that there are many people in the U.S. trying to find his adoptive mommy and that they are doing everything they can to find her,” Patti says. “I told him he needs to wait just a little bit longer.”

The orphanage that Jinru and Benjamin are from is truly exceptional.

“I don’t even know where to begin!” says Patti, when asked what impressed her most about Jinru’s care before he came to her. “The men and women who work at this center are incredible. I am so grateful for everything they did for Jinru. They really prepare the kids for what is going to happen when their adoption is coming up. The coolest thing they did was let us talk to each other via WeChat many times before I came to China. Those calls were precious to me. On the day I met him, they handed me a photo album with at least 300 pictures documenting Jinru’s life. Each picture is dated and includes a description. They took the kids on field trips all the time, and they brought in art teachers every Sunday.  The kids would create 3×4-foot paintings that were amazing!”

Benjamin needs a family

Jinru has maintained a close connection with his “China Moms” — his caregivers — since arriving home.  They send him Chinese recipes, which he and Patti cook together.  He hopes someday to return to China and visit the caregivers who still love him so much.  He wants to save up and bring money to help support his “China Home.”

Benjamin will deeply miss his “China Moms” when an adoptive family comes for him, but he is clear about his desire to be adopted. He has told Jinru that he wants to be part of a family, hopefully with siblings (mostly a brother!). He is especially excited to attend school in the U.S., since this is something he cannot do right now. He is interested in the food here. He also hopes he can stay in touch with his friends and caregivers from the orphanage.

Please help us spread the word about Benjamin.  It is his turn to be embraced by a family of his own!

A $3000 Special Blessings grant is available toward the cost of Benjamin’s adoption through Holt.  Please read more about him on the photolisting and contact our China match and advocacy coordinator, Alycia Fahr-Zarlons, at for more information about this special boy.

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Born in Feb, 2006 | China

3 Replies to “Benjamin’s Turn”

  1. God bless Benjamin. My heart is so moved for him. I pray that the workers are kind and I pray for their strength. I am not in a position that is suitable to adopt him. I pray that his family will come to get him soon. And that he will be cherished and cared for always.

  2. My name is XiaoLi. I came to the United State after Jinru did. Benjamin and I were very good friends and we still talk to each other on WeChat. Benjamin is very smart, funny, sweet and would make a wonderful son. I hope a special family could read this letter and find his forever home. Not only could a family change his life, he could change their lives for the better. We love Benjamin and will forever.

  3. We live in the Netherlands and met Benjamin when visiting the Children’s hime in May this year. My heart is with him. He is a really nice, clever and bright boy. We hope very much he will find a family who will adopt him!

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