Heide Still Needs a Family!

Heide needs a family!

Heide is sweet and playful, and she loves to help those around her. At 11 years old, Heide’s favorite activities are dancing, singing and being outside.

And in January 2018, I visited Heide at her care center while on a trip to SE Asia.

All the buildings were painted a light yellow on the outside, and some other pastel color on the inside. There were palm trees all over, and some old playground equipment in the corner. I kept thinking to myself that it seemed so pleasant! However, the more I thought about it, I also realized that even the nicest orphanage with calming colors and committed caregivers is still no place for a child. Every child deserves to be loved and given the personal attention that only a family can give.

Heide was in class at the orphanage school when we arrived, and we headed to the classroom to meet her, but we were instructed to wait outside for a bit while her caregivers helped her get used to the idea of meeting us. Apparently, she is pretty shy and needed some time to warm up to us. We peeked in to see she was learning math with about ten other students.

Heide needs a family

She was very excited about learning and was eager to answer the teacher’s questions. When she would get one right, her face would light up with a big grin!

Eventually, we got to meet her, and although she was very quiet, she was happy to be in pictures with her friend!

Heide needs a family

There were many kids at the care center like Heide who seemed to be doing well. But the reality is that in that environment, it is just not possible for them to get the individualized attention that they need to fully grow and develop and thrive.

Heide needs a family that has an understanding of older child adoption and can give her the personalized care and educational resources she needs to reach her potential.

Could you or someone you know be the right family for Heide? For more information about her, please contact Kristen Henry and visit her photolisting profile!

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DOB 01/01/07 | SE Asia


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