5 Things to Know About Adopting a Child With Developmental Delays

  1. “Developmental delays” is a broad term that can describe anything from late speech to learning disabilities to hitting milestones like crawling or walking later than average.
  2. Developmental delays are usually caused by a lack of one-on-one attention between a child and an adult in the earliest phases of life, and they are common in children who have lived in orphanages.
  3. Speech and language delays are very common among adopted children, since these skills form best when a child receives lots of individualized attention from birth to age 5.
  4. Many adopted children have huge growth spurts during their first year with their family. A child’s physical, emotional and developmental changes can be astonishing!
  5. Some developmental delays can be overcome with early intervention, including speech, physical and occupational therapies. Others may be life-long and require long-term support and resources.

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