China Vision Trip 2013 — A Photo Album

Last week, seven individuals flew to China for a week on Holt International’s second vision trip! While in China, the vision trip participants spent time with children at the Holt Peace House, and at a child care center in Shangrao.  They also met families in Holt’s family strengthening program in China and took part in some sightseeing activities. 

The following are beautiful photos from their trip courtesy of vision trip member John Keating.  



The China vision trip members at the Holt office in China.


The Peace House (April 9th, 2013)

In 2011, Holt assumed management of the Peace House project,  a nurturing foster home where children requiring medical treatment come to stay before and after surgery. Many of the children currently in care are in need of cleft lip and palate repair.


Vision trip member Pat Roth holding a child at the Peace House in China.
Vision trip participant Brian Brown holds a child at the Peace House.
Vision trip member Robyn MacKay
Janey Riley at the Peace House
Children awaiting surgery at the Peace House.


This Mother’s Day, help a child receive life-saving surgery or a cleft lip/palate repair.  Give a Mother’s Day Gift of Hope.  Click here

Family Strengthening Project (April 10th, 2013)

*Yu is in the 4th grade . His mother died during childbirth. Yu’s father is the main breadwinner of the family and has to leave the village to make money. Yu’s grandfather died many years ago and his grandmother lives with her son and grandson.



Vision trip participant Janey Riley presents gifts to a family in Holt’s family strengthening program in China. This little girl is currently in grade 6. Her father was handicapped in a car accident and is unable to walk and support his family. The girl’s mother left home when her daughter was young. Through farmwork, and assistance from Holt, her grandfather cares for the family’s needs.


Provide a struggling family with livestock.  Give a Mother’s Day Gift of Hope! 




Shangrao Orphanage (April 14th, 2013)

Holt supports foster homes that provide family-like environments for children, most of whom have special needs, to increase the likelihood of placement with a permanent family. The Shangrao project started in July 2005. Currently, most of the children in this project are children with special needs. Some of them are on track to be adopted, while some of them have severe developmental disabilities and are in need of rehabilitation therapy. Holt provides the children’s formula, nutrition/boarding fee, and a stipend for the foster mothers.



Foster mother and child



A father employed at the Shangrao Group Home holds one of the children in his care. In March 2009, Holt set up a group home program in Shangrao Orphanage, consisting of 10 families. Currently there are five “group home” families. Each family takes care of 5 children, most under 3 years of age. Since its establishment, over 160 children have lived in the Shangrao Group Home and 105 of them have been adopted into permanent families.






Great Wall of China

Vision trip participants John and Ingrid at the Great Wall of China.


Yongle Temple


Pat at Yongle Temple




Interested in joining us on our next vision trip, to India?  For more information, click here.






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