covid-19 emergency
response for children

Every day, more and more children and families are coming to us in desperate need.

Will you please send an emergency gift now to help a child or family?

Here’s what’s going on for children in orphanages and families in poverty . . .

  • In South Korea, daycares have closed and families have to stay home to care for children. If they can’t work, they can’t afford food.
  • In Mongolia, schools have closed and children who relied on free school lunch have almost nothing to eat.
  • In Vietnam, Thailand and India, families have lost jobs and can’t afford food for their children.
  • Children awaiting adoption will now have to wait longer. That’s heartbreaking, and means increased expenses to care for them in the meantime. Especially children with suppressed immune systems.

But you can help a child right now. You’ll provide food and medical supplies. You’ll pay for needed expenses and cover rent for out-of-work families.

These extra expenses were not foreseen. But your urgent gift today will provide immediate help for children who need it. For some children in orphanages with medical needs and families without enough food, this is a matter of grave importance.


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