coronavirus emergency
response for children

Every day, more and more children and families are coming to us in desperate need.

Will you please send an emergency gift now to help a child or family?

Right now, orphans in Haiti have no soap or water to wash their hands. The lack of something so simple – and inexpensive – should not be the reason children get sick! If one orphan gets the coronavirus, they will all be in danger. And Haiti has one of the poorest medical systems in the world so a sick child may not receive the lifesaving medical care they need.

Every day, more and more children and families around the world are coming to us in desperate need:

  • In Colombia, domestic violence has increased 70 percent since the beginning of the pandemic. A temporary shelter is needed immediately for the children who have to leave dangerous family situations.
  • In Mongolia, children who relied on free school lunch are now rummaging through the garbage to find food.
  • Orphaned children are stuck longer in orphanages because they can’t come home to their adoptive families. And the orphanages are in critical need of protective medical supplies… 

But you can help a child right now! You can provide soap, clean water and sanitizing bleach so children can wash their hands and stay safe from coronavirus. You can also provide lifesaving food for a family that is hungry, safe shelter for a child in protective care and critical medical supplies for children and families who need them.


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