If Mickey stays in an orphanage, he may go blind.

You can help Mickey — or a child like him — receive the care he needs, and the family he deserves.

Around the world, children like Mickey wait much, much longer for the right family. But you can help Mickey join a family as fast as possible!

With your gift today, you can help cover the fees for the right family to adopt Mickey. Fees like these may be all that stand between Mickey and a family:

  • pre-immigration medical appointments
  • an American passport
  • immigration paperwork
  • plane tickets home

Every dollar you give to the Special Needs Adoption Fund will help remove the last hurdles between Mickey — or a child just like Mickey — and a loving, permanent family!

God desires for every child to be part of a family. And what Mickey deserves most in this world is to be someone's son. Someone who will love him. You can help give that to him.


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