North Korea

Right now, North Korea is facing extreme food shortages — food shortages that will only grow worse as we move into the "hungry months" before summer harvest. As always, children living in orphanage care have the least food, the least of everything.

For the 5,040 children you feed in orphanages in North Korea, this is a truly dangerous and urgent situation. When you give today, you will be saving their lives.

Your gift of $50 rushes formula, basic grains and noodles directly to an orphaned child who needs it.

A gift of $100 will save lives by also sending basic medical supplies and clothing to keep children safe and warm during North Korea's long winter, when temperatures dip below zero.

But please hurry! The next truck of supplies leaves for North Korea on on the last day of the month! Please help fill it as full as possible for kids in need!

How The Food Is Delivered

At the invitation of the North Korean government, we've provided emergency relief to children in North Korea for 19 years. We've developed a safe and reliable way to ensure that lifesaving supplies travel directly from our partner in China into the hands of children and caregivers at five orphanages. In warehouses on the Chinese border to North Korea, Holt's partners prepare food shipments of bagged grains, corn and other essentials — sometimes including medicine, warm clothing and toiletries — which are then loaded onto trucks and driven directly to our orphanage partners in North Korea.

How can you help today?

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