Help a Child Return to School

Education is so important for your sponsored child. Especially this year.

Children around the world weren't in school last spring because of the pandemic. And now they're in danger of never returning.

The cost of school fees, paper, pencils and textbooks was already more than most families in poverty could afford. And this year, so many parents of sponsored children have lost their jobs because of the pandemic. They have nothing extra to spare. Not even to send their child to school.

But it's critical that children return to school. School helps protect children from traffickers, forced labor and early marriage. At school, many children receive free breakfast and lunch. And when children are educated, they are empowered to transform their lives — and the lives of their family and community.

We don't know exactly what school will look like in every country this year. But we do know that every child needs school to stay safe and to get an education.

Your gift of $25 will give a child the school supplies, mask and hand sanitizer they need to attend school this year, or the special workbooks and supplies they need to do school from home. Learn More


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