For Vulnerable Children, Education Is Critical

Education is the single most effective weapon against poverty.

When children are educated, they are empowered to transform not just their own lives — but to break the cycle of poverty in their families and communities. School provides critical protection for children in developing countries, keeping them safe from traffickers, exploitation, forced child labor and child marriage, and empowers them to overcome staggering illiteracy rates in their communities.

But around the world, children face tremendous obstacles to their education — and those obstacles are rarely the same from place to place.

You, in partnership with other passionate and generous individuals, have the opportunity to remove the obstacles so that every child has the education he or she needs to reach their fullest potential, and overcome poverty once and for all.

Education is the single most effective weapon against poverty

What Are The Roadblocks To Education?

The hardships and hurdles that force students out of school when they are still children vary from country to country. But no matter where a child lives, out-of-school children are more likely to be victims of child trafficking, early or forced labor, neglect, coercion or abuse.

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In Cambodia, only 66 percent of girls and 83 percent of boys learn to read and write. In Ethiopia and Uganda, illiteracy rates are even more staggering.

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In China, Philippines, Vietnam and other countries where we work, many families struggle to afford school fees and supplies, so children drop out early.

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Gender Inequality

In India, gender-based violence and child marriage heighten drop-out rates when girls reach puberty — a common trend in the communities we serve.

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Special Needs

Children with special needs rarely have the tools and support they need to be successful. Some schools don't even allow children with special needs to attend.

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A School For Kids Who Live in a Place No Child Should Be

You are at Ulaanbaatar’s largest garbage dump. But to the families and children you are coming here to visit, this place is home.

The families who live here are mostly comprised of parents with young children. They live in shelters they’ve constructed from materials found around them and they spend their days going through the refuse, looking for items that they can either resell or recycle to create an income — or use for their own personal survival.

A couple years ago, several kind-hearted donors in Mongolia learned about these children’s situation and decided to take action. But when the needs facing the community are so overwhelming, where do you even begin? Where every great success story begins. With education.

The Impact You Can Make Through Education

Around the world, Holt sponsors provide the support and resources children need to attend school and achieve their dreams.



At the Yesus Mena School for the Deaf, nearly 400 children can finally express their thoughts and feelings — bringing greater hope, and happiness, to their lives.

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Fourteen-year-old Shuang doesn't have time for fun anymore. There are too many chores and, as a 9th grader, this is a critical school year.

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Nhi performed so well on her exams, she was invited to attend her choice of schools for gifted students. But the cost of a uniform nearly held her back.

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What Does My Gift Provide Children?

Your gift provides critically needed supplies — items children must have to be permitted into their classrooms. Thank you for helping a child reach his or her dreams by providing funds for:

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Pray For Children's Education

As children return to school this fall, join us in praying for their well-being. Pray that God would open doors so all children have the opportunity to receive a quality education. Pray that God would bless children facing tremendous hardships, and help them excel in school despite the challenges. Pray that every child has the opportunity to reach their dreams.

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